Senior Infants 3

Welcome to Senior Infants 3!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the class page of Senior Infants 3! We work really hard in Senior Infants and we can’t wait to show you some of the amazing things we get up to. Please check our page whenever you get a chance to keep up with our great news.

Orlaith and Senior Infants 3.

September 2018
Aistear – The Birthday Party

Our first Aistear topic was ‘The Birthday Party’. We had great fun playing at all of the stations!!

We enjoyed yummy treats and games at the Birthday Party in the Role-Play area!

In the play-dough area, we made some cakes and muffins and used birthday candles to decorate them!

In our construction area, we made places where we could have a party! This group used the stickle bricks to make PJ’s!

October 2018 

Aistear – The Home Corner

This month, our theme was ‘Homes’ and our Aistear topic was the Home Corner!

We loved playing in the four different stations!


In this area, we pretended to be Mum’s and Dad’s, babies and children. We pretended to make food, eat dinner, watch television and clean! We had lots of fun!


We loved playing in the sand and building sand castles!

Small World

In Small World, we played with a doll house and we acted out different stories that might happen in a house.


We always had so much fun in the construction area! We built houses, household objects for our teddies and big castles!

Maths Week 2018

We had GREAT fun for Maths Week this week! We went to the gym and played lots of fun Maths games with our parents. Thank you so much to all of the parents that came along and helped out!

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