Junior Infants 2

Aistear: The Potion Workshop

At the end of October we opened a potion workshop where the children learned about mixing colours.
















The children dressed up as witches and wizards and mixed potions with food colours, eyes, frogs and spiders.

The children worked together and decided what to add to their potions.

Once the potions were ready the children brought them to the potion shop to sell them.


Learning about our sense: Taste

The children learnt all about their five senses and they particularly enjoyed exploring tastes. The lemons were very bitter!!


Aistear: The Fruit and Vegetable Shop

The Aistear theme for October was the Fruit and Vegetable Shop.

The children opened their own shop in the classroom and learned about buying fruit and vegetables and using money.

They also practiced writing shopping lists.


The children built shopping centres, with very busy car parks!The class also made their own shopping bags by printing using different fruits and vegetables.


The children began to learn about the signs of Autumn and all the changes that take place at this time of year.


We went on a nature walk and collected leaves and berries to add to our nature table.

Irish Dancing

In September, the children began to take Irish dancing classes with Breda Gibbons. The children really enjoyed the music and learned the dances very quickly.



During our Aistear time we learn through play. The children spent September learning about each other and the different types of homes we come from.


The children made play dough faces and we discussed who they looked like.The children built homes in the sand using construction vehicles. The also mixed the sand with water so that it would stick together and would be better for building.Some children used robot parts to build musical instruments that they could play with.The children practiced building with and balancing block to build their own homes.Some of the children worked together to create their own houses.Some of the children used Duplo vehicles to deliver the blocks to the building site.

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