Junior Infants 3

Welcome to Junior Infants 3! Here we will be posting about all the things we are doing in class and what we are learning.


Gaeilge plays an important role in our classroom every day and the children love speaking it. Here are Marios and Jakub talking with puppets as Gaeilge.


We have been learning all about Autumn for the month of October. Here we are on our Autumn walk, where we collected lots of leaves and acorns.


The children made lovely Hedgehog art for our Autumn display! They have also been making some spooky artwork for our Potion Shop in our play corner. Here they have been making potions and dressing up.

The Potion Shop

Aistear: The Restaurant

During Aistear, we learn through play. This month’s theme is the Restaurant, where the children learn all about ordering food in a restaurant, being polite to waiters and customers and paying the bill! Here are some photos of the children playing in the restaurant.

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