Fourth Class 2

In fourth class two this year we have been having a great year so far. Our new children Sophia,Sophie and David have really settled into Bracken school life. In this class we are also so lucky to have the support teaching team of Eileen, Niamh O T and Aoife.

In Maths we have covered a range of topics including addition/subtraction/division/multiplication/shape/fractions and decimals.

In English this term we have been looking at lots of short stories and comprehensions. Our handwriting and reading as a class is starting to improve greatly.

In Irish this term , we have really focused on our numbers and we feel really confident in being able to count all the way up to a thousand!!!!!

We also had a Science week recently and we investigated how the angle and size of rockets distorts how far and accurate it can go. On the 10th of December we will be having the Sky-dome in the school and this will be great for all the children to see all the different planets and star constellations.

The food-dudes programme has been a huge success for the school and our class in general. It is great to see the kids eating so much healthy food on a daily basis.

The school is having a massive wake up and shake up event on Friday the  11th of December at 9:30 in the school hall.

I am looking forward to seeing all the parents at the annual winter concert and if any of you would like to meet with me , you are more then welcome to come in ad schedule a meeting during golden time on a Friday from 1:40 2:10.


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