Board of Management

Board  of  Management

The Board of Management acts on behalf of our Bracken Educate Together, and in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Education and Skills. It operates as ‘a corporate body’. This means that: the board acts as one unit in terms of its function in addressing the business of the school.

Members  of  the  Board  of  Management


Chairperson: Michael Howlett
Principal: Marian Griffin
Patron Nominee: Simon Watsham
Teacher Nominee: Adrian Lohan
Male Parent Nominee: Hakeem Fasetire
Female Parent Nominee: Mojisola Mabogaje
Community Nominee:Nina Shengelia
Community Nominee: Aoife Casey


Each member of the B.O.M. upholds and support the ethos, culture and traditions of the school and has a specific role/function in the management of the school. The board know all staff of the school, including teaching and non-teaching staff.  All members of the board continue to maintain positive and courteous relationships with parents, staff and pupils.


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