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Welcome to Senior Infants 2

At the start of the year we created different flags to show all the countries we are from. We then performed ‘Hello to all the children of the world’ to our parents.


Aistear- The Birthday Party

Our first Aistear theme for the year was ‘The Birthday Party’. The children loved playing at all the stations during the month of September.



At this station the children had to create different goodies that children eat when they go to a birthday party. Some of the kids made birthday cakes, cookies and cupcakes. They got to use candles and sprinkles to decorate them.



The children had to make the room or place where the party was going to take place. They had to decide together before they started building and discuss where the party would take place. Some of the children made parties at their house, pjs and funtasia.


Role Play: The Birthday Party 

At this station the children were given different roles such as the birthday boy or girl, the mam, dad, magician and friends of the birthday girls or boy. They had to pretend they were at the birthday party and use different words from our word wall to help them. The children learnt Happy Birthday in Irish and were even singing it at this station!


Small World: 

At this station each child was given a teddy bear. They had to pretend that they were at a teddy bears birthday picnic. The children played with the teddy bears and had cake and tea at their birthday picnic.


Here is a picture of the class and their party hats they created for the ‘Birthday Party’.

Aistear – The Home 

Hi Everyone,

Senior Infants 2 have been getting up to loads of fun things since the beginning of September. We have just finished up our Aistear theme of ‘The Home’.

We had four different stations during Aistear.


Role Play: ‘The Home Corner’

At this station the children were pretending to be moms, dads, brothers and sisters. They had to act out different scenarios when they were at this station and take part in different activities such as cleaning the house, making food and helping each other. 



At this station the children had to work together to plan and build a home. They had to plan out what rooms they were going to have in their house and where they would put them.


At this station the children were given different playdough mats and had to create different objects for the house. They created sofas, beds, fridges, cupboards and baths.

Small World:

At this station the children were given a doll house, different characters and objects for the house. They had to decide together what characters they would have and then were able to act out different scenarios that happen in the house.


As you can see Senior Infants 2 are having great fun and working so hard during Aistear.


Sarah and Senior Infants 2




Aistear – The Potion Lab 

As Halloween is coming up, our Aistear theme for the next two weeks is ‘The Potion Lab’. The children are absolutely loving this theme so far and having so much fun.



As you can see the children are making great constructions at this station using the lego and the blocks. They have to work together to plan and then create a potion lab. 


Playdough & Slime: 

At this station the children have to use their playdough to create different potion bottles, witches, bats, cauldrons and pumpkins. Once the children have created at least 5 different Halloween themed objects they get to play with the slime. As you can see from the picture they are really enjoying the slime.


Role Play: The Potion Lab 

At the potion lab the children need to pretend to be different characters such as wizards, witches, crazy scientists and even Harry Potter. They need to decide together what potions they are going to make from their spellbook and work together to make it. They are also having great fun coming up with different spells together.


Arts & Crafts: 

At this station the children are creating some Halloween Pumpkins. They need to colour the pumpkin, cut it out and then stick on some glitter. The children are making some beautiful Halloween Pumpkins which we are hanging up in our Potion Lab.

Thank you,

Sarah and Senior Infants 2


Maths Week

We had Maths week this week and our parents came in to help us at our stations 🙂


Autumn Walk 

We went on our Autumn walk last week. We had great fun. On our walk down to the park we saw different signs of Autumn. We saw some acorns, leaves, trees, acorns and sycamore seeds.


Aistear – The Supermarket

In Aistear this month we are doing ‘The Supermarket’.

Role Play:

The children need to act out the different things you do when you are in the supermarket










Small World: 

At this station the children need to build different buildings you see in the community and can use the lego men to act out different scenarios.










Play dough: 

The children need to create the different foods that you see in the supermarket.




















At this station the children need to work together as part of a team and build a supermarket.  










Dogs trust Visit 

Last week the class had a lovely visitor in from dogs trust. The dog Ollie came in to visit the class in the library. The children were shown how to pet a dog properly and they also discussed the different ways we can care dogs.

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