Sixth Class 2

Science Fair 2015

In November, we participated in the School Science Fair.  We were focusing on the digestive system.  We had three demonstrations showing how the four different stages of digestion function.  Take a look at our photos below showing the stages:  ingestion, digestion, absorption and elimination.  Our presentation at the Science Fair earned us a pizza party which we thoroughly enjoyed.

IMG_2499 IMG_2500 IMG_2534

Dissecting Lamb Hearts

We enjoyed dissecting lamb hearts in class.  We had learned in a previous lesson, the main parts of the human heart and how it functions in the body. It was a great opportunity to investigate, identify and observe the left and right atrium, the left and right ventricle, the vena cava and the aorta.

IMG_2422 IMG_2421 IMG_2420 IMG_2418 IMG_2417 IMG_2416 IMG_2415

Sixth Class  2 – Rosemarie Stynes

Yellow Flag Day in 6th Class 2

Our Yellow Flag Day was on Friday, 17th April. All the classes had to wear yellow if you had something yellow at home. The Diversity Committee were in the gym organising everything that had to be done. Rosemarie and Orla were in charge of everything. Then our class went outside because we had to put our chairs inside the gym. Then we went to yard to go and play. People from Fingal County Council came to visit our school to congratulate us for getting our Yellow Flag.

After that, our class went inside the gym and so did the other classes. Mohammed from 6th class 1 and Amariah from 4th class 1 said a speech and Rosemarie said a few things. Then we all went outside. Two people from each class held a balloon. Then Councillor Gráinne Maguire from Fingal County Council came and said a few things. She raised the flag and the balloons were released into the air. All the classes then went back inside.

After lunch, Rosemarie ordered pizza for the classes and some helpers took them to each class. When all the classes came back inside they all ate their lunch and had pizza and chips with sauce. Then we went outside to go and play. It was a very sunny day. The day had gone really well and we had really had enjoyed ourselves. We had a good time!

By Lola

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