1st Class 2


Hi and Welcome to 1st Class 2.

We have been working very hard in 1st Class since September.  We have guided reading on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which really helps us get better at our reading.  We had Irish Dancing with Breda and learned lots of new dances.  Every Wednesday, we do P.E, we play games, learn new skills and try to get really fit.

In November, we took part in Science Week.  We went to Balbriggan library and learned all about exotic animals.  We got to hold snakes, lizards, spiders and lots more animals.  We also did lots of science experiments in school.  We learned how plants need to drink water to survive.  We went to the Science Fair in the school hall and saw lots of crazy and messy experiments.

In First Class, we love to do Art.  We have made lots of beautiful pictures and paintings.  Here is some of the Artwork we have done.



We are preparing for Arts Week, which will take place from 13th -17th February.  I will post more pictures to show all the lovely activities the children get to do.


Just to remind Parents, if you would like to talk to me, I am available during Golden Time each Friday from 13.30-14.00.  Please let me know in advance and we can arrange a meeting.


Thank you

Susan and 1st Class 2



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