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Dear parents                                                                                     

I hope you are all keeping well – thank you for your patience as we parpare for reopening our school on August 27th.  Over the last two weeks we have been working hard to ensure that we have everything in place for the end of August.

I attach here our plan for reopening which hopefully will answer many of the questions you will have about what going to school will look like when we return.  We all want schools to operate as normally as possible but things will be different – we’re doing everything practical to avoid the introduction of Covid-19 into our school and with physical distancing, reduced interaction between groups and everyone’s best efforts around hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, vigilance about symptoms and respect for public health advice, we can work together to protect ourselves and each other to make sure our school can re-open safely and remain open.  The plan is obviously subject to change as circumstances change and as we receive more guidance from the Department of Education and Skills.

I’m very conscious that we all have our own unique response to returning to the school environment after nearly 6 months of closure – many children and adults will be happy and relieved, others will feel nervous and fearful.  It’s important to stay calm and sensible and do the things that we know will keep us all safe and this will help everyone through the re-opening process.  We can’t eliminate the risk of infection but we can certainly minimise the risk of introducing the virus to our school and it’s spread in our community.  The Department of Education is working on a series of age-appropriate materials for returning pupils and their families with an emphasis on wellbeing – I’ll share these with you as soon as they are made available, to help prepare your children over the next week.

Please see our website and social media for further updates and I look forward to seeing your children back in school very soon.

Many thanks for your support


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