St. Patrick’s Day Intercultural Celebrations at Bracken

This year, the Yellow Flag Intercultural Team organised an intercultural celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in Bracken. The theme of the event was “Walk in Another’s Shoes.” Our aim was to encourage everyone to reach out and get to know more about their neighbours from different countries and cultures in the community. We have so much diversity to celebrate in Balbriggan today. There are 32 nationalities represented in our school alone!

Many children from 2nd to 6th class were involved in making and decorating our float for the parade. We made a giant paper maché shoe from scratch. It was painted and decorated with art designs from all over the world and we think it looks great!
All the children of the school and their parents were invited to the event on St. Patrick’s Day. There was fun with bouncy castles and face painting in the hall! Parents brought some national dishes to the celebration so we could all share a taste of other cultures too. The children dressed in national costume and some even swapped costumes, in keeping with our theme.

Then we went to walk in the Balbriggan parade. We carried a banner with the words “Walk in Another’s Shoes” and the children and parents used all their strength to carry our giant decorated shoe in the parade! Everyone carried flags from all 32 countries represented in our school. Some of the children wrote a wonderful poem to explain our project to the people of Balbriggan. We gave this poem out to the onlookers at the parade.

We all enjoyed the day and went home wet but happy! A big thank you from the Yellow Flag Committee to all parents, staff members and pupils who helped make our intercultural day a success!

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