December in 5th Class 3

During the month of December we were very busy preparing for our Winter Concert. Here is a link to our performance of 'Rudolf Got Ran Over by a Reindeer'

We also completed some lovely winter art. Have a look!


November in 5th Class 3

This month we focused on the strand of Gymnastics in PE. We also learned about Vincent Van Gogh in Art. We recreated his famous art work 'Starry Night'. 

Maya Angelou

As part of Black History Month, we learned about the life and achievements of Maya Angelou. Working in pairs, we researched on the iPads to find information about Maya and create a poster. Here is our poster display outside our classroom. 

Stand up to Bullying!

We spent the month of October learning about how to tackle bullying as well as how to stay safe online. We each created a poster to highlight how to stay safe online. Here is a selection of our posters. 

Express Yourself Day

Express Yourself Day

5th Class 3 enjoyed dressing up today for 'Express Yourself Day'!


October in 5th Class 3

We have had a very busy October completing projects and lots of other fun activities. Here are pictures of our Halloween art as well as us baking in preparation for the procedure writing competition. 


September in 5th Class 3

We have had a great time in 5th Class 3 getting to know each other and settling back into routines. Here is a small selection of Art and SESE work we have created this month.

Welcome back 

We are looking forward to a new year of learning and fun. We hope you all enjoy the new school year and we will do our best to support and help you.