From 1 October 2023 you can click here to fill in our online application form.  

Application forms are also available from the school from 2nd October 2023 and can be completed there. 

Welcome to Laura O'Shaughnessy, our new Principal.  Laura has been Deputy Principal for 7 years and has worked closely with Marian during this time.  Laura is very familiar with our school and students and she looks forward to meeting parents at band meetings in October to discuss the year ahead.

I wish to inform the school community that I will be retiring from my position as school Principal at the end of September.  

Sincere thanks for all your support and trust over the years. It has been a real honour for me and I've had a marvellous time working with you, your children and our dedicated staff.  

Bracken has grown into a place we can all be proud of. Long may it continue to flourish.  

I will miss it greatly.

Marian Griffin