Age of Exploration 

We've been learning about Europeans exploring new trade routes to the east, discovering the 'new world' and Granuaile's life as a pirate queen.  

Mona Lisa

We learnt all about Leonardo Da Vinci, his life and some of his most famous work.  As an inventor, he devised plans for a flying machine - the helicopter.  As an artist he painted some of the most famous paintings in the World - The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa to name a couple.  

It's snow cold!

Our snowmen were made using oil pastels and crayons.

More Winter Art

As we approach the Winter break we continued with our Winter Art theme and made some Santa presents and some extra large snowflakes. 

Starry Nights

For our new topic, we did the famous Starry Nights painting by Vincent Van Gogh.  The children really enjoyed doing this project and as you can see they did a great job!

Winter Art

This week we started our winter art.  Over the next few weeks the children will add to this and continue to build their portfolios.

Shopping catalogues 

We incorporated our maths work and winter shopping into one by making our own toy brochures. 


Diwali is one of the biggest celebrations in the world.  We celebrated Diwali by doing some art work to commemorate the festival of light.

Halloween Art

Here is a selection of some of our Autumn and Halloween art.  The children demonstrated the different colours associated with Fall and the changing of the weather.  They also had some fun drawing and colouring their wizard dogs. 

Michael Jordan

For Black History Month we did a project on NBA legend Michael Jordan.  Jordan won 6 championships with the Chicago Bulls and made the number 23 shirt famous.  He is a fantastic role model for all children across the world!

5th class 2

Welcome to 5th class 2.  Here is a snapshot of our room.  Every table has an Irish county's name.  

Welcome back 

We are looking forward to a new year of learning and fun. We hope you all enjoy the new school year and we will do our best to support and help you.